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Simple Wall Mounted Geometric Faucet Set by Zucchetti

Exuding class while keeping it restrained, this wall-mounted faucet from Zucchetti is a sleek and chic way to dress up your tap. With innovatively minimal hot- and cold-temperature knobs that evade any classification of time, this piece from the Savoy collection is right at home in almost any style of bathroom.
Originally intended for use in high-end, design-conscious hotels, this sink set is more than just fashionable. Made from stainless steel and other durable materials, it’s long-lasting without being rugged and easy-to-clean without being simplistic. The spout itself is attractively elegant, without unnecessary gilding, and the rest of the ensemble follows suit while adding a dab of warm color to the mix. Combined with black, white, or brown, the red or green of the faucet pieces make for a soothing, serene sink.
If you enjoy the looks of the faucet on its own, you may wish to browse the entire Savoy Collection, which includes every type of faucet you could want in a bathroom. In addition, you may find yourself experiencing the Savoy Collection on a visit to a luxury hotel in the near future. Modern hotels can even have their own logo inserted in place of the hot and cold knobs, integrating modernity into their corporate identity. Either way, this faucet set is sure to stun in any setting.



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