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15 Red Bedrooms That Will Ignite Your Passion In This Bold Color

A fiery shade of cherry or cranberry can truly transform a space. If you’re looking to create a dramatic splash in the home, then look no further than the inspiration that we’ve gathered here today. These 15 red bedrooms will ignite your passion in this bold color and have you dreaming of new ways to sprinkle it around the house.

teenage black and red bedroom 900x597 15 Red Bedrooms That Will Ignite Your Passion In This Bold Color

Decoist showcased this teenage dream of a bedroom and we fell in love with its dark, contemporary twist. Between the modern furniture choices and the infusion of haunting reds, black and bouts of cream, there’s a beautiful balance of necessity, function, and mysterious style here. All of the varying textures only amp up the interest as well.

red and hot pink bedroom 15 Red Bedrooms That Will Ignite Your Passion In This Bold Color

Modern and feminine, this contemporary space featured over at Homedit displays a rich shade of a red so beautifully. But also teaches us how to combine the tone with other shades. It goes so well with deeper fuchsias and hot pinks, making it a girlish and strong space to enjoy.

I you’re trying to figure out how to tone down and utilize a deeper shade of red, this check out this traditional and vintage-inspired bedroom from New York Social Diary. That red tone creates a strong, stable foundation for the room to grow in. And then its wooden, throwback furniture additions help to create that cozy flair.

We instantly fell in love with this cranberry red room. That soft gray contrasts and pairs with it so nicely. But it’s in the texture and sensuality of this color that we find our biggest inspiration. Thanks for the showcase Elle!

Pinterest always has a host of inspiration for us to gather ideas from and this was no exception. If your young one loves red and you’re trying to figure out ways to use it – check out this space! Sports-related rooms could definitely carry a bout of the color.

Another cranberry red room that we were instantly drawn to. There’s something very organic about this space and it’s neutral, creamy counterparts. Check out more like this over at Apartment Therapy.

There are a lot of different kinds of red shades to work with. And over at Painters Place  we see how a bright, orangey tone can be utilized. This feminine, glam spot is highlighted by this powerful, vibrant color and we are absolutely loving it!

If you’re looking to create a more grandiose and royal space, then try out this room we found looming on Pinterest for size. Crushed velvet with red walls and a red carpet come together to create a vivacious and impressive space. That golden, mustard shade is a beautiful counterpart to its ferocity as well.

This entire room is one to ooh and ahh over. The innovative bed design really makes for a gorgeous focus. But it’s the paint on the walls that we’re most inspired by this time. It’s a fiery orange that knows how to shine and transform a space. Thank you for the inspiration The Yeatman Hotel!

Here’s another gorgeous space – one found at Castle Leslie – that will delight your interior design senses. We love this classic space that’s been spun with vintage flair. That gorgeous, vibrant shade of red really makes a statement.

Better Decorating Bible showed off a bohemian-flavored room that’s been dressed in a silky shade of red as well. Less than tradition, we find this bright shade a beautiful topping this this textural and free-spirited space. The color also plays well when paired with natural lighting.

Everything about this room is filled with personality. Not only are the varying shades of red a beautiful, powerful detail but those patterns and mixing of intricacies make this such a work of art. Found at Ideal Home, if you want a room that really “says” something, then go for something with this kind of feeling.

A more muted shade of red can work well and still create a powerful statement. We also love red when paired with gold tones which is exactly what we got from this HGTV find. Every detail of this room has an 80s-throwback vibe and a nod to Victorian beauty.

Another beauty we found while perusing through Pinterest, it’s another room with a slight throwback flair that we love. This orange-red shade is such a fun way to decorate. But when paired with the right accessories and accents, can create something extra-special and unique as well.

Check out this beauty from The Spruce! Red and white is another classic way to decorate and a lighter, brighter one at that. It’s really easy to get harsh and dark when dressing spaces in a red tint, but when paired with a brighter neutral, you get a calmer atmosphere.



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