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Raw Oak Sofa Design by Cadorin

The sofa, “El Caregoon de Quercia” is a collaboration between Cadorin, a master flooring company, and Gobo Salotti, who made the upholstery. Natural linen fabric and goose down pillows speak to the quality of this sofa, part of Cadorin’s “Toc de Toe” collection. The collection name means “pieces of tables” — the wood is not altered, it is cut from the trunk and used as a natural piece. Only when they can match nature’s lines in the wood can they make a longer piece of furniture. These unique pieces of wood are shaped only by time and nature, and integrated into this fantastic sofa. And you can choose from many finishes for the wood that Cadorin already incorporates in its flooring. These magnificent boards are chosen from the vast amount of raw material that passes through the flooring division — to one day make the furniture you see before you. This wood is so special, the company could never cut it up for flooring. Just look at those incredible planks! This is a fantastic sofa that meets all the criteria for becoming a classic: comfort, quality and astonishing design.


More information: Cadorin


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