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Random Sized Wood Blocks Featured in Oak Collection

The Scando Oak Collection by Domus Arte is made from cultivated oak forests and uses clean simple silhouettes to surround intricate relief patterns of solid oak blocks for an almost woven effect. With push pull opening mechanisms, the collection allows the art of the wood to be its own canvas without the visual interruption of hardware. The relief pattern is created via the aid of 3 stratum processing and the finish is water based with yellowing and stain proof qualities. While minimalist in profile, the pattern within is organic and intricate, making the collection perfect for any decor style.

The 3-drawer cabinet makes an ideal china or media cabinet and while striking on its own, juxtaposed against metal, ceramic or colored glass accessories it will have the ultimate hot verses cold story line.
The relief panel is contained to the doors of the Scando Collection with the solid oak side, top and bottom panels creating a frame for the art of the stratum. Each wood block is unique in both graining and coloration, and while the thickness of each block has a variable, there is a finite range of thickness for an overall unified look.
The Scando Collection also features a wardrobe unit that can be used singularly or in multiples. Here, too, the hardware is invisible with Domus Arte again opting for a push pull mechanism. The warmth and natural appeal of the wardrobes will look just as awesome against a bold wall color as it does against concrete.
The floating cabinets in this series appear as art hung on walls. The 5 sided media cabinet with its varying width top allows for deep storage that slims down for a narrow end point on either end, ideal for small spaces. The horizontal wall cabinet is a versatile piece that can be used in almost any room in your house. How cool would it be to have one of these in your foyer with wall hooks below to hang your coat on? However you choose to use a Scando piece, you will treasure it forever!
Domus Arte


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