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pureDKNY Pure Comfort Rainwater Bedding Collection by Donna Karan – the luxury bedding

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Donna Karan struts her stuff off the runway and into your boudoir, with the pureDKNY Pure Comfort Rainwater Bedding Collection. This dreamy luxury bedding line features pure, natural fabrics with layers of 100% organically grown cotton, sustainably dyed and garment-washed for an extra-soft touch. A soothing, spa-inspired color palette of aqua and indigo will whisk you off to dream land. Layer these plush pillows and cozy quilts, or mix and match them with your existing bedding collections for an easy update to your bedroom. Sweet dreams are guaranteed, with the pureDKNY Pure Comfort Rainwater Bedding Collection. Retail price is $49.99 – $249.99. For more information on this and similar collections visit Donna Karan Home Collections.
pureDKNY Pure Comfort Quilted Knot Decorative Pillow and pureDKNY Pure Comfort Rainwater Ribbed Tuck Decorative Pillow.
pureDKNY Pure Comfort Rainwater Duvet Sham with a signature button closure.


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