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Bridge House in Pure American Style

Located in an idyllic spot in the heart of nature, this house completely blends into the environment and makes the most out of what nature has to offer. North Carolina based Platt Architecture have beautifully integrated the building into the geometry and geography of the site. Like a bridge, the house starts on one bank of the small river, then crosses it with a structure perched on stone pillars and comes down again on the other bank, creating a very original living space. The two extremities of the bridge and the stone pillars root the house to the ground like a giant tree in a secular forest. These two sides go up on two floors and contain the night/private parts of the house, while the bridge structure is occupied by the day/ communal areas where everybody can enjoy the view and the sound of the river. The materials contribute strongly in making the house one with the site. The structure of the house is made in wood and painted in the same color as the trunks of the surrounding trees, and the pillars are made of river stones which seem picked from the river bed and piled up to sustain the bridge. The interior follows the same principle, and the overall atmosphere is warm and cozy with wooden floors, exposed wooden roof structure, wooden beams and stone walls. The interior decoration is traditionally beautiful. There is a harmonious mix of wooden pieces and upholstered ones, spiced up by great wall art and decorative lamps and objects.

The bridge part of the house has big windows on both sides, and the light circulates freely through it, while the river flows freely under it.There are various sitting areas that allow for different points of view. On one side there is a balcony where one can sit and enjoy the sounds of nature.
The fireplace is built in a stone clad structure, and it dominates the living area on one side. Around it the living room looks as cozy as it gets with comfortable fabric sofas, armchairs and ottomans.
On the opposite end of the bridge from the fireplace there is the kitchen, with cabinets made in knotty brown essence wood with granite worktops. Adding to the traditional feel of the interior design, some of the high cabinets have glass doors to display the tableware in a very decorative manner. Industrial looking pendant lamps hang from the exposed wooden roof and provide light for the kitchen island. The dining area starts the transition towards the living room, with a big round wooden table surrounded by comfortable fabric upholstered chairs.

Stone walls appear here and there and a lot of emphasis is set on the decoration. Colorful abstract and figurative wall art can be found all over the house, as well as table lamps with bright colored ceramic bases.


The interior woodwork is beautiful and the reddish-brown essence brings in a lot of warmth. Wood is omnipresent, from ceiling to floor, through the amazing spiral staircase.




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