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Poetic Dining Table Made of Briccola Wood


Chimenti, the name of this table, comes from Venetian seafaring jargon and means the gaps between the wooden boards that form a ship’s planking. In ancient times, the master caulkers would hand-fill these gaps with a transparent vegetable resin in order to make the boats waterproof. Alcarol’s modern Chimenti table is inspired by the materials and the techniques used back then, but adapted to modern times’ technology. The wooden part of the table is made from three planks of Venetian briccola wood, with natural edges corroded by time and salty water. Then resin comes to seal the planks among them in order to obtain a functional but poetic table top. This modern resin is an epoxy non-toxic product that looks like water and has glass consistency. The base of the table is made of steel sheet tapes, same as the ones used in the lagoon to join the briccolas together. This only adds to the authenticity of the concept, but for aesthetic reasons the shape is changed. The base of the table consists of two structures that fold to support each plank individually. The structure thus remains quasi invisible through the resin gaps, making you think that the planks are still floating in the lagoon. The visual effect and the history behind it make this table a very poetic item, meant to please nostalgic and modernists alike!


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