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Pavati Dual Stream Waterfall Faucet

pavati dual stream waterfall faucet 1 Pavati Dual Stream Waterfall Faucet

Before designer Salmon Nortje, nobody has really thought of showing us how hot and cold water blend together before cascading out of the faucet. This is exactly what the Pavati tap beautifully does, it shows us how the drama of two streams of water blending into one and creating an exquisite hand-washing experience. The hot and the cold columns graciously turn and bend creating a Y shape that insures the perfect meeting point for the two streams. The aesthetic is ultra-modern and minimalistic, while the components are the traditional ones.The standard mechanical parts create a strong contrast with the futuristic design, but the goal was for the tap to be used in standard conditions. Pavati thus fits most standard basins and can be installed with simple tools. The hot and cold streams will vary in position depending on how the temperature dials are adjusted. This way, the the two streams also become a visual indicator of what temperature we should expect from the combined stream. A great way of achieving an avant-garde design from existing standard parts. And yet another proof that water is an eternal source of inspiration for designers and artists!

pavati dual stream waterfall faucet 2 Pavati Dual Stream Waterfall Faucet



4 thoughts on “Pavati Dual Stream Waterfall Faucet

  1. This will only work as shown in the renderings if the flow rate of the cold water always matches that of the hot water. If the user wants a warmer blend, the hot water stream will be stronger (relatively higher flow rate) than the cold water stream (relatively lower flow rate) and the final stream will be pushed to one side, and vice versa. You can imagine this in the extreme case when there is only cold water and no hot water.

  2. Fundamentally in order to use water efficiently and not to splatter too much waterfall over as the rectangular cross section of water flow. The best flow which keeps water from wasting is cylinderical as in conventional taps

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