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Winged Roof House with outdoor rooms

Australian firm K2LD Architects designed this house in Singapore, inspired by birds with its free form and massive winged roof. This unusual house plan takes shape on a triangular lot, its roof resembling a pair of wings soaring over the site. Under these massive overhangs, interior and outdoor entertaining areas flow effortlessly. The two roofs open and expand to the views at the rear of the property. Like a bird floating on the breeze, you too will fly through this easy-going, elegant home with ease. Here’s the grand tour.

The entrance to this private family home is just that – private. The glass entry door is flanked by a pair of imposing stone walls on either side, and topped by these large overhanging roofs with an underbelly of warm, natural wood.
Behind this closed-off exterior, you’d never anticipate such an inviting, open space that seamlessly integrates architecture and nature, making the most of this tropical climate. This interior courtyard is surrounded – and topped! – by lush gardens, becoming a natural focal point and private oasis for the home. The patio and pool area is bordered by a glass wall leading indoors.
The home’s wood details blend beautifully with the leafy plants framing this idyllic property. An upper terrace offers a bird’s eye view of the site, working its way around the house. It too is draped with creeping foliage and flowers, bringing touches of green to every level of the house.
Living spaces artfully work their way among the architecture – the sloping roofs, the glass walls, and the wall-less “rooms” that take everyday living into the outdoors. The perfectly manicured lawn looks like a fresh, green carpet of grass.
The massive overhanging roof provides shelter while leaving that alfresco feeling intact, much like a pavilion. Pillars support this overhead structure, letting the fresh air, sunshine and cool breeze blow through the outdoor living rooms.
The angled roof extends from the top of the home right down to the ground, literally connecting the architecture and the earth.
Even when you find your way inside, you’ll find nature is never far off. The floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall glazing invites the trees and views indoors, with natural light illuminating every corner. The home’s dual roof design provides an interplay of shadow and light, shade and sunny blue sky.
Wood stairs fold their way along the rock and glass walls, leading you past the views and to the private upper level.
The warm wood ceilings with integrated illumination have a wonderful, golden glow. Glass walls are lined with wood screens that deliver privacy without blocking out the light or the views. The wood floors continue seamlessly beyond the glass, finishing the outdoor patio with style.
Here are some floor plans:
This is how the house design came together:
3D elevations:
K2LD Architects
via Arch Daily
photo credit: Patrick Bingham-Hall


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