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Chic Luxurious Patio Ideas perfect for a hot summer

Whether you have a huge patio, a small garden or a balcony, having an outdoor living space is quite beneficial. Having awesome living space works great once the weather becomes warmer and you want to spend more time outdoors. These chic, luxurious patio ideas are not only perfect for summer, but they will help you create a stylish area that makes you proud to invite guests over all the time.

Colorful Bits

Why have one accent pillow when you can have multiple ones? Consider having a display of hues that work well together for a beautiful display.


Your outdoor space is colorful as is, thanks to the beauty of nature. But if you want to take it up a notch, add colorful throw pillows. Colorful throw pillows work well because of how much they enhance a room’s overall appeal. Use patterned pillows to further emphasis the colors you have displayed. Increase the natural colors used in nature for a cohesive look, that flows in the space.

Statement, Table

If you truly want to make a statement have your table be a different tone to your chairs. The contrast will create a daring approach.

The table you use in your outdoor space is key to bringing your décor together. Whether you use a small round table or put two square ones to bring an overall grand approach. You want to have a table that makes a statement yet is versatile enough to withstand any additional decorative items you decide to display. Add fun chairs to complete the look.

Don’t Forget Accent Chairs

Add comfortable cushions to your accent chairs for an added dose of coziness right when and where you need it.

While no one will forget having a table as part of your outdoor décor, some might not remember the importance of accent chairs. Accent chairs do exactly what they say they do- accent your décor. They bring new life to any style you might already have. Furthermore, the extra seats that make a room feel cohesive with just a hint of uniqueness.

Small Breakfast Area

Even if you have additional seating having an area designed for breakfast will instantly elevate the areas overall appeal.

Perfect for those who are limited to patio space having a small breakfast area is a way to go. You do not need to think to deep into your décor or what you should have. The key is keeping it simple and having a round breakfast table with 2-4 seats. Consider having a stone table for a French twist.

Look at the scenery

If lounge chairs aren’t your thing get creative with your seating, as creative as you would like as long as your decor faces your view.

While having a patio table with a multitude of chairs is nice, why not have a few lounge chairs and call it a day? If you have the view, you want to take full advantage of it. What better way to do so then to have your décor overlook the view. In addition, contemplate having a minimalist approach with just a few seats and maybe an accent table to have a space for your drinks.

Teak Material

When in doubt consider adding a modern teal display. The more modern the easier it will be for your teak to stand out from the rest of your decor.

Did you think teak was out of trend? Maybe, but it’s really isn’t. While this material has not been seen in quite some time it’s making a rapid comeback. Teak is great because you can leave it outdoors without having to worry about the weather destroying your beloved furniture pieces. It’s quite durable and sturdy. If you have a table outdoors already, add comfortable teak seats to upgrade the look.

Lay Down some Tiles

Creating a seating separation is perfect for those that have larger patio space and can get more creative with your decor.

Does any scream luxury quite like having tiles outdoors? We think not! Tiles were once considered only an indoor item. However, they have been upgraded to the outdoor space as well. If a specific area in your patio feels a bit run down, or even boring, it’s time to upgrade it. Add a set of tiles on the floor and pair them with fun seats for a sleek upgrade that feels fresh and most importantly quite lux.

Outdoor Swing

Pair your swing an outdoor sofa for a beautiful comfortable display.

If you want to add an additional seat without taking up square footage, adding an outdoor swing is the way to go. Outdoor swings feel boho-chic while still being fun and giving you that additional seating that you desire. Pair your swing with a rug for a cozier indoor vibe.

Mood Lighting

Add your string lights above your seating to truly set your display and make it come back to life.

When decorating or redecorating your outdoor patio its important to create ambiance. Ambiance creates the vibe you want your décor to ooze. For the perfect ambiance, you want to bring in string lights, or mood lighting as we prefer to call them. String lights work due to having the capacity of making any area or room feel intimate by simply being present. Pair with an outdoor light fixture for a bold touch.

A Hammock

Add hints of color to your airy hammock display for a modern twist.

Even though having an outdoor swing is relaxing and chic, having a hammock takes things to another level. Nothing compares to being able to lay down on a cozy hammock, hear the wind and take a luxurious nap all while being outside. Pair your hammock with airy furniture pieces to keep your décor feeling resort-like all-year-round.

Your outdoor patio deserves a makeover this summer. Let us know how you plan on achieving it below.


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