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Mobile Kitchen On Wheels – outdoor portable kitchens Christophe by Calanc

Bringing indoor comfort outside, this cool mobile kitchen on wheels by Calanc is the latest and greatest portable outdoor essential. If you love cooking, eating and laughing under an open sky, the Christophe mobile kitchen is for you. Measuring 128 by 100 by 110 cm, this portable kitchen features a blend of contemporary polished stainless steel and exotic wood slats for a rustic yet refined complement to your outdoor entertaining area. The automatic gas ignition keeps your meals hot, and an integrated mini fridge keeps the drinks cool – what more could you ask for in an outdoor kitchen? At approximately 100 kg, you’ll also appreciate the built-in wheels, so you’re ready to roll where the party is! Check out this awesome, all-in-one outdoor kitchen at Calanc.



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