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Outdoor Glass Art by SWON Design

Montreal-based design firm SWON does wonderful work with glass and light, blurring the boundary between art and outdoor design. Check them out, they’re definitely work a look! A fabulous al fresco feature, Cascade is a waterfall-inspired glass wall overlooking a landscaped garden in Toronto, Canada, on the shores of Lake Ontario. This 10-ft. long, seven-ft. high glass installation was meticulously crafted of 77 ladle-poured glass blocks, shimmering in various tones of blue and green. Even the texture of water is echoed in the piece. And fittingly, the glass wall was incorporated into a real waterfall, which lets the muse flow freely over the glass.
Another really cool, contemporary design is the Glass Rock Garden – if you like unusual, modern art in unexpected places, you’ll love this! Located on a rooftop, Glass Rock Garden is a 14-by-4-ft. stainless steel “pond,” filled with small stones and three large “rocks” made of a series of 1/2-inch thick sculpted glass plates.
For more information visit SWON Design.



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