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Orange Home Office Interiors

Today we examine the effect of the color orange in home office interiors. Since Pantone recently declared Tangerine Tango (a vibrant, reddish shade of orange) as 2012’s color of the year, we think it appropriate to discuss. Pantone states that this color “provides the energy boost we need to recharge and move forward”. Orange is a color that is friendly, that encourages co-operation, and as just mentioned, promotes energy. It is a color that melts the passion of red with the warmth of yellow and results in a lively comfort. A great choice for the home office – a space where we need to feel comfortable and energized in order to be motivated and productive. No need to go crazy and paint the whole room orange now (although that could be fun!). But an accent wall could suffice – or patterned wallpaper. Maybe some pops of orange via soft furnishings and decor items are more your thing. Or maybe change out the rug and get some new orange office supplies. You don’t have to go monochromatic either – think about a complementary scheme, an analogous or triadic scheme, or even a tetrads scheme that incorporates the color. Colors affect us even in small amounts. So what do you think about orange in a home office?

Image credits: BonExpose, Shelterness, Martha Stewart, Unplggd, Jane Lockhart


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