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Open Plan Kitchen / Living Area – Unified by VOK Design Group

Look at this perfectly unified open plan kitchen / living area by VOK Design Group! This well planned space is composed of a warm yet modern kitchen, a super chic dining area and a bright and inviting living area all in one. Each space has its own feel yet they are subtly tied together to create a harmonious space. Obviously the astonishing wooden floors and continuously white walls help to unite the three areas. But it’s the details that are more interesting. The bar stools at the kitchen island are related in style and color to the lighting fixtures above the dining table. The coffee table is also a smart choice. The circular form that the dark statue’s arms make against the glass resembles the form that the dining chairs rounded backs make against the glass dining table. Simple, but well thought out touches as these can really unify a space. Discover more at VOK Design Group.
via Desire to Inspire.



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