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Ensuite Bathroom Design by VOK Design Group

“Simplicity meets beauty” in this gorgeous ensuite bathroom design by VOK group. It is a welcoming, modern space that encourages repose and well-being. What is interesting here is that the design doesn’t need too much dressing up since the framework of the space provides enough interest. For example, the pale, wide plank wooden floors in the bathroom have been laid perpendicular to the direction of the dark wooden floor in the bedroom. Additionally, the direction of the wood grain between the tub and the shower is also different from the floor, although the color provides unity. There is enough contrast provided between the white of the walls and the tub against the different wood colors throughout the space. Therefore, this ensuite bathroom, governed mostly by rectangular shapes, can remain minimally adorned and still be stunning. The bedroom and bath areas are divided by a sliding door system made of wood and frosted glass, which wisely lets the light flow through both sides of the space, while maintaining privacy. For more ideas and inspiration, visit VOK Design Group.
via Desire to Inspire.



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