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On-Trend Modern Furniture to Add to Your Home

With the right pieces of furniture, you can redefine the feel of any space. These modern pieces of furniture run the gamut of sizes and functions, but all are in the modern style. Whether looking to upgrade a living area, a bedroom, or an entire home, the right pieces can refresh your space entirely. Look no further than these ideas to get you started on the redesign!

Try out this modern bed for your home.

Just as with any master bedroom, the bed should be the focal point of the space. This modern bedroom set features a matching bed, and two sets of dresser drawers. The bed is convenient and multi-purpose, as the bedside tables are attached to the headboard.

Let light in with a coffee table made from a light wood.

With less excess in a space, more light gets in. This simple but unique coffee table serves as a stunning focal point to this modern space. Add a pop of color to any space with some flowers on the beautiful wood coffee table.

Add color to your room with a modern cabinet with painted doors.

Check out this cabinet made of wood but painted for an extra element of style. This cabinet enhances any space while also storing whatever you do not wish to display to the world.

This white couch serves as a canvas for any space.

These white sofas provide seemingly endless seating without adding bulk to the room. A color like white or cream allows a homeowner the opportunity to feature artwork and other pieces he or she wishes to highlight.

Let the view speak for itself with this modern couch.

With a view that needs no excess, trim down any décor with this practical sofa and chair set. Visually light furniture like this frees up the eye for a stunning view to be appreciated.

Section off areas of your open floor plan with a modern dining room table like this one.

This modern dining room table is unobtrusive and stunning. The mix of woods and stone lend an air of modernism to any space. In a combination living room and dining room space, designate different uses for the space by putting each piece in its place.

Try this modern outdoor table with unique legs.

Don’t forget to consider any outdoor space! This table is simple, but also unique because the legs are not in the standard place in the corner of the squares. The light, beautiful furniture eliminates excess entirely.

Get started in the world of modern design with these modern bar stools.

At a loss about where to start? The simple addition of these geometric, modern barstools fit in any space. Whether added to a breakfast bar or an upstairs play area, these pieces never go out of style.

These coffee tables and end tables serve as trays.

This coffee table and end table set serves two functions. Firstly, they enhance the design of your space. Secondly, they serve as trays for possessions. The shape of the furniture makes a play on the double function incorporated in a great deal of modern design pieces.

This modern gray couch doesn’t compete with the design of the room.

This is another modern couch that allows other elements of the room to speak. Whether you are an avid book collector or want to show off prized possessions, this modern couch serves a purpose in every family or living room.

These modern chairs still allow for warmth to enter this room.

These gray chairs are both modern and cozy, to complement any style of home décor. You don’t have to go 100% modern in all of your other design decisions.

Eliminate clutter with this office desk/table.

Keep the office uncluttered with this white desk and chair set. This modern style eliminates every aspect of excess and likely will clear your mind so you can focus on your work!

These light fixtures work in any space!

These light fixtures suit any room, whether they hang above a dining room table or above a desk.

This desk is also a shelf.

Modern does not need to be boring. This desk serves more than one function, it has a table surface but also a shelf surface for displaying books, storing papers, and more.

Complement larger pieces of furniture with this coffee table.

In a room full of bulk, choose a coffee table like this one. It is unobtrusive and serves a purpose.

Let this modern dining room table serve as a space for you to add color.

With a dining room table that serves as a blank canvas like this light-wood piece, a home can incorporate colors and vibrant pieces. This table will last a lifetime of design transformations.

Try this modern bathroom vanity.

This vanity serves its purpose of storage for a bathroom space but also blends in with the wall. It is the essence of modern style.

Open your mind to the possibilities of modern design!


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