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North Sea Wood House: Framed in Siberian Larch and Clad in Western Red Cedar

North Sea Wood House is framed in Siberian larch and clad in western red cedar. It’s located on the Island of Terschelling, hidden in the dunes and overlooking the North Sea. The home was designed by architects Achterbosch Zantman, with special attention to the large glass surfaces to ensure an optimal view of the surrounding dunes, sky and sea. Completely built of timber frame, the Western Red Cedar wood planks will turn gray over time and blend with the surroundings. The basement in this house is half buried in the dunes, yet the overall feeling of the house is light and open. The basement houses three bedrooms, a storeroom and bathroom. On the main floor you have the living areas and master bedroom. The attic is a library room – a bookcase and a quiet spot for reading with the best view in the house. Could there be a more perfect vacation home?

Architect: Achterbosch Zantman Architects


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