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New South Sea Pearl ceramic tile mosaic by Artistic Tile

South Sea Pearl ceramic tile mosaic is a marvellous new finish and form from Artistic Tile. Inspired by natural pearl lustre, Nancy Epstein spent three years developing this innovative glaze. Used on their range of ceramic mosaic tiles, the matte pearlescent glaze has a sophistication and elegance that glossy iridescent versions cannot achieve. The subtle shift in colour gives a luminescence and life to tiles. Crazing or foiling is characteristic, which adds flavour and individuality. The distinctive Fiji Convex Brick pattern pictured is particularly sleek, adding a wave-like texture to the already fluid like colour. Available in Golden Sand, Oyster Ivory, Palm Green, Teak Beige, Undersea Blue and three blends; there is a colour for every bathroom. Artistic Tile.


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