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New Glass Lavatories – Clear cut style from Kohler

[New Product Coverage from K/BIS 2008]
Kohler glass lavatories
Simply exquisite, the inspired pairing of glass and water is key to the collection of new glass lavatories by Kohler. Strength and delicacy unite in these forms to produce works of art for your bathroom or powder room. Three designs have been released for 2008, each with its own integral beauty. Toric is a basin of thick, chunky glass with an all-over dappled finish to add textural appeal. Its heavy, square form offers a gorgeous depth of color – choose from ‘Storm’ or ‘Purist’. Pallene and Mirovia are round basins which are available in ‘Ice’ and ‘Symbol’ hues. Pallene offers a classic pattern incorporated into the glass, whereas Mirovia is plain. Glass sinks allow the light to filter through, casting a beautiful pattern onto the surface underneath: an extra dimension to the design. These lustrous glass lavatories are all formed from one single plane of glass. More glass lavatories selected by Trendir…



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