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Glass Vessel Sinks by Alchemy Glass & Light – new Celestial sink series

The new Celestial sink series by Alchemy Glass & Light is art for your bathroom in the form of Glass Vessel Sinks. Each sink by Alchemy Glass & Light is a unique hand-crafted item that evokes the same brilliant intensity of a shooting star and dazzle of a meteorite shower. To craft the sinks, precious minerals and metals undergo a transmutation within layers of glass, where earth elements of the fire and air coalesce to form an organic color palette. The Celestial series of these heirloom vessel sinks has just been released, with 4 gorgeous new designs for 2008.
Alchemy Mosaic – Detail
The Aqua Luna design is reminiscent of space exploration voyages, and calls to mind the luminous nature of outer space. For this model perfectly shaped circles are drilled out of the larger piece of glass and strategically placed on another layer of glass before precious elements such as copper are added to the palette. Most accurately described as a colorful pinwheel of light, the Aurora Bloom features a sculptural shape, which takes its textile form within metal crescent shaped molds. Cosmic Burst and Terra Nova feature fragmented glass pebbles and a brilliant spectrum of color. The glass pebbles are scattered between layers of thick durable glass before the precious mixture of elements evolves into marine-colored and warm golden orange hues. The Alchemy Mosaic (above) design features opaque squares melted into transparent glass to form an irregular, yet unified burst of exuberant color. Complete the look with fantastic matching Glass Mirrors. The incredible new Celestial vessel sink series can be part of your home, bringing beauty for many, many years to come. Contact Alchemy Glass & Light.

Aqua Luna
Aurora Bloom
Cosmic Burst
Terra Nova
Glass Mirrors


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