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Terra Acqua Stone Vessel Sink

terra acqua miramar sink Terra Acqua Stone Vessel Sink
Beautiful jewels that ripple with translucent colour, the new Stone vessel sinks from Terra Acqua offer a natural sculpture for luxurious bathrooms. Cut from a single block of glamorous stone, these natural stone vessels are hand crafted and finished for a bright gleaming basin. Terra Acqua offer this gorgeous material in both classic and modern styles. The Miramar stone vessel sink is carved from rose coloured Queen stone and has a wonderful organic form that undulates around the deep bowl. The Cresta stone vessel sink by contrast is carved from White Onyx and features a low symmetrical profile for a simple classic style. Both basins ripple with bands of natural color creating beautiful pieces of organic art. Available from Terra Acqua the Miramar stone sink is $1,195 while the Cresta basin can be purchased for $1,395.
terra acqua cresta sink Terra Acqua Stone Vessel Sink



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