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New de Sede DS-180 steel frame furniture collection – retro modern

de Sede DS-180 furniture collection revives the vintage steel-frame style developed in the late 1920s by designers like Le Corbusier and his LC2 chairs. de Sede have taken the classic chrome steel and sensuous leather and created a modern design classic. The tubular steel creates a continuous integral frame which lifts the seat off the ground. The folding form creates a dramatic negative space under the furniture, as if magically suspending the deep, decadent cushions. The arms have a fantastic streamlined profile that gives a sense of motion and jet-set design. The matching table uses an unusual suspended leather top above the snaking steel. A well rounded collection of furniture the range is a united design style, while each piece features unique details that make it a stand-out item. A classic modern approach, the DS-180 has a timeless appeal so rare in the fast moving trends of the modern world. de Sede.


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