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Modern Leather Beds – headboard design ideas by de Sede

With the new DS-1164 & DS-1165 modern leather beds, de Sede takes headboard design ideas to the next level. Introducing movable headboards that can be adjusted to your desired position for any occasion – just move them around the bed in any direction. This innovative concept makes these already beautiful leather beds even more luxurious. Any ideas you might have for your comfortable positioning you can incorporate with this new modern design by Hugo de Ruiter as it takes the old saying “making your bed and lying on it” literally. Simply move one or both leather headboards to where you want them at the moment and have it your way and her/his way at the same time. “The DS-1164/1165 models guarantee that any hint of boredom in the bedroom is most definitely a thing of the past. The new modern leather beds by de Sede provide “the ideal spot for virtually untrammelled dreaming – both by night and by day.” See images showing some comfortable lying and sitting ideas after the jump…



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