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New bathroom faucet line from Keuco – Edition 300 faucets

The striking Keuco bathroom faucet is representative of the whole Edition 300 faucet line. The tall geometric spout combines sharp perpendicular lines with round curving corners for a modern elegant design. The handles are unusual wing-like levers, which present a symmetrical but distinctive profile. The circular pillars with sharp rectangular handles continue the archetypical forms of the spout. Simple and charismatic, the Keuco bathroom faucet is a slim subtle design that shines with precise form and detail. These traits continue through the Edition 300 line which includes a bidet faucet, shower head, bathtub filler and wash basin faucet with a range of fittings. A key element of the Edition 300 bathroom, the Keuco faucet’s strong geometry blends seamlessly with the minimalist cabinets and the curved organic shapes of the toilet and bidet.



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