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300 year old house combines authentic and modern architecture

Combining a love of architecture, history and nature, this 300 year old house in Tel Aviv will school you on style. Israel architecture firm Pitsou Kedem Architects approached their renovation on this historic urban house plan with respect for the old, but a reverence for a modern, minimalist living. Known for their less-is-more approach to design, the architects embraced the original elements of the home, (like stone walls, windows arches and curving ceilings) and complemented these with ultra modern elements that really set it apart form the rest.

Needless to say, this cool house here in the ancient port city of Jaffa is indeed one of a kind. Check it out.
From the busy streets, the house blends inconspicuously with its neighbors. And judging by its exterior, you’d never guess at the unusual contemporary space inside.
The striking architecture puts arches in the spotlight, framing large windows that let the sunlight and the salty sea breeze flow in and right through the house.
The homeowner requested the architect to maximize the views without compromising the home’s authentic character. The result is a blend of old and new, earthy and contemporary, side by side in a contrasting yet cohesive composition.
Interior openings – windows, if you will – frame views into other rooms.
Raised and dropped rooms add intimacy and interest to the home’s open plan.
The weathered cobblestone walls and the over-arching ceiling lend interiors a deep, cavernous feel, illuminated by the numerous and generous windows throughout.
We love the juxtaposition of old and new – this snapshot is the perfect example, with the authentic stone walls framing a contemporary floating stairway that is as much a functional element as it is modern art.
This office area is separated from (or opened to!) the rest of the space with pivoting glass panels. This barely there wall lets the sea breeze blow through the home, but even when closed the windows and scenery are still visible throughout.
The smoky sunlight shining through these antique windows leaves lit trails in the still air.
The transition from classical to ultra modern almost makes you feel like you’ve stepped into a different house entirely.
Whether you’re looking out from the terrace or taking in nature through the tall windows, this scenery is simple to die for.
The concrete wall brings an industrial edge to this cool city home.
A loft overhead occupies the upper portion of the floor-to-ceiling two storey glass. maximizing the view from every angle.
This quiet little nook offers total privacy and an enclosed, warm feeling, but all that glass opens it up again and gives it some much-needed fresh air.
Adding to its openness, the open stairwell and the lofty layout transform a typical urban house into a true open-concept cube divided inside, but never closed off.
The bathroom boasts a concrete wall, with white all around it in the walls, ceiling, floor and fixtures. Now, this is our idea of modern minimalist living!
Maybe it’s the historic city, and maybe it’s the architecture, but whatever it is, this house is like a secret hidden paradise in a sea of city homes.
Pitsou Kedem Architects
via The Cool Hunter
photo credit: Amit Geron


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