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Authentic Netherlands barn renovated into rustic style farm house

Netherlands architecture firm Maxwan designed this barn conveersion, transformed into a rather cool residence that brings those traditional “farmhouse” elements to the forefront. The home’s brick exterior and gable roof pitch reflect the countryside life and style, complemented by charming arched windows and a glazed main entrance that lets the light and views in. According to the architects, “At our first visit we found the house difficult to inhabit. Most strikingly, virtually no relation existed to the beautiful landscape surrounding the house. All facade openings were too small, in the wrong place, or both. We proposed to invert the layout of the house, moving the offices and storage space to occupy the recent extension and the private spaces to the old barn. A large slit was cut into the barn roof to bring in light. The final touch was a large piece of furniture that would serve as kitchen, storage, stairs and library all at once.” Here’s what they did.

The barn was purchased by the clients with the goal of transforming it into a single family home with a large kitchen and living area where they could relax, entertain family and friends, that would also serve to host wine-tasting parties for their customers.
This bright, open entertaining area is a hotspot in the house, a hub for family gatherings, socializing and appreciation of creative architecture. The gabled ceiling enhances the home’s awesome sense of space, its interesting shape accentuated by exposed wood beams.
The rustic touches draw your eye upward, where clerestory windows let natural light flood the home. This riverfront property on the River Linge frames serene scenery through its multiple glazed openings.
A set of contemporary floating stairs lead to the second level, leaving sight lines open through the kitchen and living area thanks to the wall-less, enclosure-free, riser-free design. The wide wood steps appear to be suspended by strings hanging from the ceiling.
And what farm house would be complete without a fireplace? Well, this one puts a contemporary soapstone wood-burning stove at the center of the open concept living area and kitchen.
The house boasts interesting elements at every turn, from the knotty wood beams and unusually shaped windows, to the built-in bookshelves visually tying in with the floating stairs.
The stairs are more than just a means of getting from level to level. They become a bona fide living area, with a library of books displayed behind it along the built-in bookshelves.
The upper level is an intimate den featuring the same farmhouse-cum-contemporary aesthetic characterizing the main floor.
A wall-to-wall clerestory window sits stop a row of semi-circular windows, adding interest to the space while furnishing it with natural light and views.
This cozy loft space boasts a partial floor and open views of the lower living area.
The openness of the upper and lower levels lets natural light flow through the house uninhibited.


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