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Negative Edge Swimming Pool Overlooking the Mountains

Did you ever feel you want to be one with the world, the sky, the water? How about a negative edge swimming pool to provide this feeling for you? The pool is part of an escape overlooking the mountains that received the ASLA 2008 Residential Design Honor Award. Every boundary is thrown away by the design of this pool. Large stepping stones seem to be floating right above it. A minimum amount of space was left in between the stones to see your moving image reflected in the water. The perfectly polished stones frame the pool from two opposite sides seeming to be the only ones holding the water into place. To admire the beautiful landscape, you can make one step further on one of the stones and get closer to the stillness of nature. Get the inside scoop of the entire project incorporating the negative edge swimming pool over at ASLA 2008.
Photo credit: Geraldine Bruneel.



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