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Weekend Home in Mexico has Contemporary Design

Casa RO Tapalpa, a small weekend house near Tapalpa, Mexico, was designed by Elias Rizo and Alejandro Rizo to work harmoniously with its surrounding environment. Although mindful of its natural setting in the Sierra Madres, the design embraces a contemporary aesthetic rather then the traditional rustic appeal most of the local architecture presents.

While contemporary, the architectural lines and materials used blend harmoniously with the surrounding landscape.
The clients of Elias Rizo and Alejandro Rizo live and work in the city during the week so a weekend retreat with a simpler lifestyle – away from the hustle and bustle of city life – was something they were excited about. The architects took their wish and made it a reality.
By designing the home in such a way that there is a distinct division between the private and social volumes, the home takes on a peaceful quality.
Creating an open relationship with the surrounding landscape is a constant visual reminder of serenity.
Flint-stone walls and wood create the envelope of the structure.
Due to the high humidity and long rainy season of the locale, Casa RO Tapalpa has kept the traditional slanted roof with long eaves, covered in red clay tiles.
The articulation of the eaves is a nod to the traditional country homes in the area.
Although sleek and contemporary in its overall aesthetic, the exterior also embraces texture in its surrounding elements.
The same local stone used on the facade of the home is also used structurally to keep the landscape from collapsing toward the residence.
The highly textured trunks of the surrounding trees blend beautifully with the stonework.
While completely exposed to the surrounding woodland and embracing the enormity of the forest, the interior maintains a soft, warm and cozy aesthetic.
This coziness is extended to the outdoor lounge area which is only separated from the living room by a wall of glazings that slide and stack completely out of the way – to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living.
It’s like living outside, even when you are inside.
The living room backs up to the kitchen, which is next to its own set of sliding glass doors. There is a portable barbeque just on the other side.
While the living room is wrapped in dark wood boards, the kitchen changes it up with a much lighter shade of natural wood.
Even though Casa RO Tapalpa is a weekend retreat in the mountains, the home has all the amenities and comforts of city life.
The home has such a beautiful composition of natural and man made elements.
Even in the private zones, no details where overlooked. How amazing would it be to fall asleep here?
Additional bedrooms take on a minimalist expression, allowing the views to be the center of attention.
Panels in the rooms take their muse from the wooden blackout shutters used in the traditional rustic country homes all across Mexico.
The bathrooms are the only rooms that don’t focus on the views, but in the master ensuite natural materials still abound in the form of exquisite marble.
A second and third bathroom off of the two smaller bedrooms are mini versions of the master bath.
While smaller in size they have all the luxury of the much larger master ensuite.
A fourth bathroom off of the social zone leaves the marble behind in favor of a darker, cozier environment – more in keeping with the living room aesthetic.
Elias Rizo and Alejandro Rizo
Photography by Marcos Garcia


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