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Steel Tub from Agape – new Vieques VAS911 has a rustic appeal

Steel tub from Agape Vieques VAS911
Revisiting the pleasures of the past is easy with the new Vieques VAS911 – a steel tub with a rustic, retrospective appeal. Perfect for traditional or transitional interiors, or perhaps a country retreat, this is a tub that will never go out of favour. Entirely made of steel, the Vieques VAS911 bathtub has a smart white interior finish and an authentic dark grey exterior finish. The steel is formed into a smart ribbed shape that adds interest to the classic oval shape. To complete the traditional look, designer P. Urquiola has included a teak backrest and handy side console. And as pictured here, you can heighten the sense of cosy intimacy by surrounding the bathtub with a ceiling suspended curtain. The freestanding tub measures 170cm x 72cm and has a height of 60cm. Contact Agape to learn more about bringing this European classic design to your home.

Steel tub from Agape Vieques in grey
Steel tub from Agape Vieques with a curtain rail


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