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Steel Frame Sustainable Weekend House with All-glass Facade

This steel and glass pavilion is located upstate New York, on a extended farm. The guest house, designed by Desai/Chia Architecture, celebrates the beauty of nature by limiting the visual boundaries between inside and outside. Thanks to an innovative steel structure, the pavilion’s shell is completely glazed, opening the spaces and bathing them in natural light. The house has a rectangular shape, with a slatted wood core that contains storage, utility and bathroom spaces. In this closed central part there are also two sleeping couchettes with bunk beds that provide four additional sleeping places for guests. The flat roof cantilevers to the right and to the left to create the living area on one side and the master bedroom on the other. These areas offer first-row views on the ever-changing spectacle of nature. In order to minimize the impact of the building on the natural environment, the architects have employed several sustainable design strategies, making the house practically self-sufficient. These strategies include geothermal heating and cooling, radiant floors, motorized solar shading, photovoltaic panels and rainwater harvesting. A great way for man to be able to enjoy nature in harmony, in a minimally intrusive manner.

When the lights are on, the whole volume of the house is reflected in the nearby pond like in a mirror, creating a magical light aura.
The circulation around the wooden core of the house is completely free, without any doors or other separations, thus emphasizing the merging between the inside and the outside.
The living area is furnished minimally, in a contemporary style. The sitting area, defined by a big and cozy area rug, is oriented in such a way as to benefit from the best and most open views.
An all white open plan kitchen remains discreet and very functional. The long island counter also serves as dining table. For the warm season there is an extra dining spot on the outdoors terrace.
The space is very rationally used in the two couchettes, with built-in storage and working space that becomes usable by simply sliding the doors of the cupboard inwards. The bunk beds offer comfortable extra sleeping spaces while taking a minimum amount of space.
The master bedroom is decorated in the same contemporary style, with beautiful build-in wooden structures and great stand-alone pieces, like armchairs and low tables. The space is completely open, so the owners can enjoy the views from the very moment they open their eyes in the morning.


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