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Multipurpose Beds that Maximize Space

Working with a small and cramped room? Introduce a multipurpose space-saving bed into your life to transform your children’s bedroom, guest room, or studio apartment into becoming open and spacious for other uses. Here are some of our favourite creative ways to accentuate space and store extra belongings in style:

Kids Rooms

Scandinavian Multipurpose Beds that Maximize Space

If you’re working with minimal space in a bedroom and there’s not enough room for a desk, utilize a pull down headboard as a desk. This is a perfect solution for teenage bedrooms, making it easy to transition from bed to study. A second mattress can also pullout from underneath too for any friends sleepovers sleeping over. We love the sneaky shelves for book storage inside the headboard as well.

Kids room Multipurpose Beds that Maximize Space

For kids sharing a room, give them more play space by building up. A play loft has been constructed over the beds like a secret treehouse for your kids to enjoy while providing additional room space.

Contemporary kids room with storage staircase and loft bed

Kids love climbing, so a bed they can climb up to with a bonus canopy rooftop is a great opportunity for their fun and saving space. Use the steps for bookshelves and the area below the bed can easily serve as a play lounge or homework area with a desk. With a little creativity, this open concept bed structure is a win for everyone.

Traditional window bed Multipurpose Beds that Maximize Space

For kids too old for play rooms, you can still adopt the build-up technique and use the extra space for an age appropriate alternative. For example, this bedding structure allows a young pre-teen to store extra clothing in drawers under and beside the bed, put picture frames and special trinkets on shelving display, plus also serve as a cozy book nook by the window.

Corner bunk beds storage

Another smart arrangement option for bunk beds is building them into the corner. This set up maximizes use of floor space. The bookshelf between the beds provides extra dimension and separation between sleepers, and illuminated cubbies at the head of each bed guarantees each kid a private nook. Under-bunk drawers allow each child to store some of their extra belongings and an electric plug can come in handy for alarm clocks and other electronics.

Small Apartments

Murphy bed for small spaces

Maximize functional space for daytime in your bachelor flat with a hidden Murphy bed that pulls down from the wall. With this, you can still enjoy the comforts of a king size bed too! Notice the low back on the couch to make the pieces fit and flow together. A full wall of mirror-fronted storage also doubles the illusion of extra space in this trendy studio.

Multipurpose Beds that Maximize Space Interior

Here’s another take on the Murphy bed that folds out of the way when not in use. This loft-style bedroom easily transforms into a modern living room for your convenience. The blue metal door conceals the bed when folded up, but also creates a nice sense of privacy and boundary for sleeping.

Storage under bed - Multipurpose Beds that Maximize Space

Save space again with the brilliant technique of building upwards. Building a wooden platform for your loft bed and custom storage drawers is a great option for small room apartments and lofts.

Industrial Sliding Walls for Bedroom

Completely hide away a pulldown bed when room is tight and obliged to multi-task. We love how this one is concealed by a simple white door opening up the room, keeping that bright colour scheme, and making the bed truly disappear. This is a great option for offices turned guest rooms when the occasion rises.

Small space loft bed

Here’s an ingenious idea for small size apartments! Create a bonus bedroom by building up from floor level like what’s been done here in this trendy loft-style studio in New York city. Bet you didn’t notice either that the steps actually double as drawers too!

Guest Rooms

Pipes industrial bunk beds

If you tend to have a lot of visitors often or a family cottage, transforming a guest room into a bunk room with more beds is a great idea. Two sets of bunks parallel to one wall will not only comfortably sleep four, but also leave space on the other side of the room for an extra wardrobe or desk. We love how this bunk room accentuates the nautical theme too with metal rails and stripes!

Bunk beds for children room

Bunk beds aren’t just for children! We love this custom grown-up version of the built-in bunk bed—a great solution for saving space in your guest room. For adult bunks, you’ll have to place the top bunk a bit higher for sleepers to be able to sit up straight and you’ll want to stick to a neutral colour palette when it comes to paint and textiles.

Storage under bed solution for small spaces

Most of us like the idea of our master bedroom beds to be raised higher. Take advantage of this with a platform bed frame with storage drawers underneath and a built in headboard to a larger book shelf or wall console.

Bed up design concept

Here’s the ultimate modern solution to transforming a room and saving space. This bed actually drops down from the ceiling over top of this low back couch. We love this futuristic set up for a bachelor apartment. You can easily go from an open concept living space to modern master bedroom in seconds and you won’t even have to make your bed in the morning!


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