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Neff Luxury Kitchen Accessories

Besides gorgeous cabinets and appliances, the beauty of kitchens is often in the details. With Neff’s collection of luxury kitchen accessories, everything has a home and a place within easy reach. The Neff luxury kitchen accessories includes practical corner sinks,wall-mounted compartments, and hanging bread bin and spice systems. Brilliant additions that create easy to use kitchens, the steel themed range adds modern sparkle and design. The corner gullwing sink features two oval basins and a pillar organiser which make fabulous use of often empty corners. The wall-mounted compartments provide the convenience of a true chef’s kitchen, by organising important ingredients and keeping them close to hand while cooking. Finally the hanging midway spice jars and bread holder keep counters clear and tidy while remaining organised and accessible. Small touches that transform basic kitchens into integrated cooking environments, the Neff luxury kitchen accessories provide necessary kitchen systems in a matching modern style.


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