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Modern weekend home will have you seeing red (and green)

What’s black on the outside, red on the inside and located down under? This awesome house on the outskirts of Melbourne, designed by Australian firm Judd Lysenko Architects, draws its inspiration from American-German architect Mies van der Rohe – considered a pioneer of modern architecture. We think this home would make him proud.

The bold, bright red hue seems to radiate from behind the curved walls of this interesting silhouette, faced in glass for a striking contrast against the forested countryside surroundings. Inside, the house features a simple, linear floor plan, with bedrooms, bathroom and living area all in a row. This bodes well for purposes of privacy as well as the views, affording each room in the home the maximum possible exposure to nature. Aside from its layout, there’s nothing simple about this house, where floor, walls and ceiling seem to meld together seamlessly, set afire by this stop-dead-in-your-tracks shade of red.
Indeed, on first sight this house may have you seeing red (figuratively speaking,) and its green, eco qualities can’t be ignored. To ease construction, the steel frame was designed and built off site, shipped and assembled on location. Apart from the power source, which is shared by a handful of nearby farmhouses and shacks, this house is self sustainable, boasting a rainwater collection and recycling system (30 guests spending Christmas here each enjoyed a hot shower), a passive cooling system (glass walls that slide open to let the cool breeze in) and glazed walls that naturally illuminate interiors.
On one hand, you can’t argue that this house is an ode to all things modern – its striking shape, its contemporary color, its forward thinking eco technologies and its unusual interiors. But on the other hand, in spite of this design’s many careful considerations and artful architectural styling, it’s still a simple weekend vacation house for family and friends here in the remote Australia outback.
Judd Lysenko Architects
via Dwell
photo credit: Peter Hyatt


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