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Show-stopping Modern Wall Units for your Living Room

When it comes to your living room having a show-stopping element is one of the best ways to bring a visual appeal. Having a modern, show-stopping wall unit could provide that interesting visual allure that your room needs. TV lovers rejoice now you can finally fall in love with a wall unit that allows you to embrace a larger than life television with all the bells and whistles you desire. Here are modern, modern wall units for your living room that are sure to stop your guests right in their tracks.

Entire Wall

Having a wall unit that is large enough to take an entire wall makes a huge statement in the room, this is the perfect option for the trendsetter that wants to make a huge statement.

Why have a little unit when you can take up an entire wall? The large your television the grander your unit should look and feel. Add a large backdrop or have wooden panels behind your console to create a divided yet seamless attraction that makes sense to the room. You want there to be this sense of grandness from the moment you walk in the room.

Offset Alignment

An offset wall unit is great when you want to bring an intricate touch to your living room, the idea is to have what you need exactly when you need it but with as minimal elements as possible.

When it comes to modern décor you want to take into consideration what illusion you would like the room to have. If modern is the twist you are trying to portray having a large wall unit with offset alignment is the way to go. Consider it the contemporary way to bring a charming illusion without taking away from the room and the style you have already created.

Light it Up

Whether you choose to light up your entire mount or simply your TV is optional, but keep in mind the more light fixtures the brighter the room will appear.

There is always the thought that light attracts light which makes any space feel larger and in charge. That is our next show-stopping idea- adding light behind your television. Adding a ring of light behind your TV can bring beauty and contrast to a room with darker hues. Additionally, it adds that unique touch that brightens the room, even when you turn off your lights. It brings a charming little twist right where you need it most. Furthermore, you could want to light up your entire wall unit instead of just the TV.

When in Doubt Marble

If you’re not fond of having marble on a grand scale, consider having a marbled section as part of your wall unit.

Sometimes all we want is something unique to add to an already cool room. Keeping that in mind, we bring you a marble pattern. Marble is not only great for the bathroom and the kitchen, but it can make an excellent wall unit element. Not only does it look crisp and clean, but it works perfectly in the room when it is done properly. Add it on as a large piece or simply surrounding your mounted tv for that unique twist.

Wall Shelves

Wall shelves have become quite popular and we are completely on board with this. The main reason being they are extremely versatile. Versatility is great when you want to add that hint of modern right when and where you need it. Consider multiple shelves to add storage and visual appeal to your wall unit. Furthermore, it allows you to get creative with how you display your tv items.


If you really want to add a luxury feel to your low-level unit add a modern fireplace. Doing so will enhance the luxe appeal of your new unit.

For a high-end statement, a low-level wall unit is one of the best ways to achieve just that with a contemporary twist. Lower wall mounts bring a luxe feel due to how minimal and simple they can be but with just the right amount of surrounding décor. Adding a coffee table that matches your new wall unit will make the room feel cohesive and luxurious all at once.

Vertical Back Panel

When working with panels you want to consider selecting two or more hues that contrast each other. The contrast will brighten the room in an overall manner without creating a dent in your decor.

If you’re going to go for a minimal approach yet want to make an impact, having a vertical back panel is an excellent form of getting your décor to the next level. The vertical display will ensure you have that solid piece as part of your wall unit while still being simple and easy on the eye. You want your décor to feel as seamless to the architecture as possible.

Geometric Pattern

A simple focal point can transform a room completely. Add it in a bold manner behind your tv to make the biggest impact.

Making a statement is always a good idea when you want to take your wall unit to the next level. In order to do just that you want to add a geometric pattern display as part of your wall unit. Doing so will bring that modern twist yet with a bit of color weaved into your décor. Pair your new-found color with similar hues throughout the living room space.

Gray Tone Hues

A set of gray panels could work beautifully in a room, particularly if you are working with neutrals, but want a hint of something unique that still blends in.

Although we love natural wood, we love the idea of using gray tonewood even more. There is something about gray tones that brighten up the room with a rustic twist. Consider it one of the best ways to bring beauty and texture right where you need it. Furthermore, it’s an excellent way to add a wall unit without having to have all of the bells and whistles of one. Pair with a low base and you’re good to go.

Large Bookcase

The more books the better when you’re working with having an abundance of texture and appeal to the room.

For every book lover out there, this option is for you, consider it one of the best ways to bring a grand appeal to your living room. You want your console to feel almost like a mini library in order to get the best outcome. Additionally, you want a large enough system that you feel as if you don’t have to pick between reading your favorite novel and watching the next episode of Friends!

Which of these is your personal favorite? Share with us below.


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