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Modern Tiles from Impronta – Porfido and Vibrazioni relief tile designs

Textured tiles add interest to any wall, and this wide range of touchable, interactive modern tiles from Impronta is perfect to complement any style. We tend to think of tiles as only for the bathroom or kitchen, but the Porfido and Vibrazioni tile designs are gorgeous tiles appropriate for all rooms of the house, from bedroom to living room! Hard-wearing and versatile, tiles are also perfect for a range of interiors from transitional to modern. Both ranges pictured here focus on adding depth and dynamic movement, allowing for a freedom of decor and planning. Porfido tiling features often deep reliefs – the dramatically 3D aspect of the tiles is eye-catching, playing with light and shadows. The Vibrazioni tiles offer a more subtle textured surface, as the print emerges only slightly from the surface. The delicate surfaces reflect light in different ways, creating the visual ‘vibrations’ after which the tiles are named. For more information about bringing these lively tiles into your home, contact Impronta.



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