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Modern round bed from RUF-Bett – the Circolo bed

ruf bett circolo bed Modern round bed from RUF Bett   the Circolo bed
You may have thought that beds only come in one shape, but this modern round bed from RUF-Bett proves that only the imagine can limit the possibilities in bed design. The Circolo bed is a contemporary round bed from the Fashion Bed collection at RUF-Bett. “Joie de vivre” is used to describe this unique creation, as its playful shape and flexibility inspires a bevy of possibilities. A round mattress combined with a rectilinear headboard creates a striking but harmonious contrast. Modern comfort and functionality are enhanced by fashionable textiles that produce a stylish, finished look. This sleek and refined piece of furniture is ideal for a larger bedroom where this item can be placed on display. RUF-Bett



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