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Modern Kitchen by Allmilmoe – new Contura design with no handles and 70s feel

The new Contura design with no handles is a modern kitchen from Allmilmoe that looks back – and also to the future. The designer kitchen Contura was developed in the 70s, but its retrospective aspect has been reinterpreted with a new and sleekly modern design. An undulating form adds intrigue to the front panels; an unusual tactile detail. The surface is of flawless, uninterrupted structured lacquer, available in white or black, and topped with exquisite granite work surfaces. In addition to the wall units, there is a “free standing” cooking island which stands on a gorgeous granite base. Appliances are built-in to the kitchen to give a totally unified look. Released on Allmilmoe’s 40 year jubilee, the Contura kitchen is a rare treat for modern kitchen connoisseurs.



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