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70s Inspired Interiors Featuring Vintage Patterns and Color Blocking

This is what we like to call 1970s in the modern age. When Brazil’s Studio Guilherme Torres took on this residential renovation in Sao Paolo, they embraced the home’s retro roots but gave it a contemporary spin. From its artfully clashing patterns and its vibrant furnishings in vintage silhouettes, this family home evokes memories of Mom and Dad’s house (or depending on your decade, Granny and Grandpa’s). The home gains a modern flair through its overall simplicity achieved through sparse furnishings and massive picture windows that illuminate interiors and grace them with their sunny views. Check it out, and make yourself at home!

All in one eyeful, you get a glimpse of the classic tiled feature wall behind the dining area, this amazing patchwork rug in a bold green hue, and eclectic elements like the accordion side table / stool and the poufs. And the lighting! Nothing matches in this thoughtfully uncoordinated space.
This sky blue pine-cone pendant is the piece de resistance!
The heavy black frames encircling the large picture widows accent their vastness, and the view!
The bathroom boasts this wood floor in a classic herringbone pattern. The shape of the pattern itself is probably the only aspect of this space that harks back to the inspirational ’70s era. But wood on a kitchen or bathroom floor? Not in those days! Otherwise, it is clean, sleek and simple, thanks to the crisp white palette, minimal glossy cabinets, large mirrors and an even larger window view.
A trio of spherical copper pendants reflects the room in a warm light. Beneath them, the concrete floor and a built-in, low-profile shelf adds a modern-industrial edge.
A set of rough concrete steps leads up toward a bright wall splashed in fiery red, orange and peach tiles.
At the top of the stairs, the blocks transition through the spectrum to cool tones of purples, blues and greens.
Wait… did we say “tiles? This color-blocked backdrop is actually cabinets, offering stylish, secret storage compartments.
Echoing the rainbow adorning the walls, a pair of emerald green arm chairs and ottomans invite you to sit back and kick your feet up – the epitome of the “dad chair” but with a streamlined spin. Underfoot, the geometric blue rug brings the space to life.
This kids’ bedroom boasts storage cubes in retro green shades, both overhead and under the bed – smart, and stylish! A honeycomb rug evokes a vintage feel, but in an understated way that these kids won’t soon grow out of.
And here’s its cute counterpart, in orange.
This bathroom, like its occupants, is a bold space featuring a sunny yellow vanity and bathtub.
Floor plans:
Studio Guilherme Torres
Photography by Denilson Machada


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