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Modern Kitchen Design by Dada – new Set Kitchen

Italian design firm Dada as come up with a cool, modern kitchen concept that takes this much-used space from a cooking center to the true hub of the home. In true European fashion, the Set kitchen designed by Rodolfo Dordoni is not just for cooking, eating and cleaning anymore. It’s rather a culmination of tradition and technology; the whole culinary experience which combines food, family, friends, fun and freedom; a social space to enjoy in the comfort of home. The modern design of this kitchen suite includes clean-faced cabinets and a complementary kitchen island with lots of storage space, as well as plenty of prep room to put your gourmet meal together. Choose your materials and color combinations to meet your individual style preferences, whether you lean toward subtle sophistication or a vibrant, eye-popping palette. Have your guests pull up their chairs around the island and enjoy a glass of vino as you whip up a feast – this kitchen is as much a pleasure to work in as it is to sit in and be served. For more information visit Dada.



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