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Modern Italian Bath Vanities from Cerasa

Cerasa Suede bath vanity in gold leaf finish
Form and finish mean everything with the 2008 collection of modern bath vanities from Cerasa. The highly refined collection comes in sumptuous, regal tones and textures. Whether you prefer the curves of the ‘Suede’ vanity or the straight lines of the ‘Eden’ or ‘Maori’ vanities, frivolous gold leaf finishes, or minimalist white, there’s bound to be a Cerasa vanity to suit your taste… The block construction of the units gives all the vanities a smart, up-to-date appearance whilst ensuring faultless functionality. If you like a wood finish there is the light bamboo and hefty ebony to choose from. Prefer color? There’s deep purple and crisp white to choose from. Looking for something more flamboyant? There’s also a gold and silver finish ideal for those with bags of confidence. The 2008 collection of bath vanities by Italian company Cerasa have real panache.
Cerasa Suede bath with bended mirror

Cerasa Eden bath vanity in dark purple finish
Cerasa Maori bath vanity
Cerasa Maori bath vanity in bamboo finish
Cerasa Maori bath vanity in ebony finish
Cerasa Noah bath vanity in matt rough white finish
Cerasa Paestum bath vanity in silver leaf finish


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