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Modern Glass Tiles – customizable tile designs, tile colors by Ultraglas, to match your decor!

Add a splash of gorgeous color and texture with the CrispCast modern glass tiles from Ultraglas. These kiln-formed tiles are fully customizable – practically any artwork can be reproduced into a beautiful glass interpretation! For a subtle look, try an illustration rendered in clear, uncolored glass. This modern look plays with the light falling through it, creating a wonderful, airy effect. CrispCast Color, on the other hand, can be permanently fired into the glass itself in an opaque or translucent effect. You can choose from standard or custom colors to create the designs you desire, combining several colors on one tile or you wish. These modern glass tiles are hard-wearing and will not fade in any condition. That makes them ideal for a wide range of applications from wall, to floor, to ceiling. Get your creative juices flowing and contact Ultraglas.
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