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Modern European kitchen from Nolte Kitchens – the Spot design

The German company Nolte has created the Spot kitchen; a warm bold and confident kitchen with the convenience and function European kitchens are known for. The striking bright yellow doors are riveting. Inset with long horizontal rail handles, the Spot’s bright door expands the kitchen space. Notle have then paired their modern cabinets with a vibrant wood island. The wooden surface is assembled out of many pieces creating a mosaic of rich dark grains. Like many European kitchens the Spot features a range of space saving ergonomic drawers and cabinets, but the Spot takes its style even further. Inside the drawers you’ll find chrome rails, details such as these display Nolte’s commitment to design and quality. Nolte’s Spot kitchen design creates an electrifying vibrant kitchen of modern style.


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