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Design Fireplace from Cera Design – new P1 fireplaces controlled by mobile phone!

The new P1 pellet-burning fireplaces from Cera Design are modern design fireplaces with cutting-edge technology. These design fireplaces offer truly instant gratification, as they can be controlled, should you wish, by mobile phone! This means an incredible plume of fire immediately ignites when you place the request, ensuring the room is already toasty warm by the time you arrive home. Beautiful in its intensity, the glowing fire is balanced by the gorgeous surroundings of a P1 fireplace, available in a wide variety of styles and finishes which would blend with any contemporary interior. The environmentalist will be pleased to know that pellets, made from wood chips and other scrap wood, are an incredibly environmentally sound option – not to mention affordable and clean. Whilst the prices of gas may keep on rising, the price of wood pellets will stay stable. Learn how you can re-discover the magic of fire with Cera Design.


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