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Eco Friendly Pellet Stoves by MCZ – Cube stove series

When it comes to cool design, sometimes it’s good to think inside of the box (or the cube). Being touted as the first line of stoves that are eco friendly, the Cube stove series by MCZ will heat up any decor. One of the things that make these pellet stoves so unique is the fact that they boast a 90 percent level of recyclability. And since they are not as heavy as traditional stoves, the Cube series reduces the fuel for it takes to transport, reducing CO2 emissions. But it’s not just the environmental aspects that make it so appealing. The Cube stoves show great attention to design and detail. Softened, angular lines, high-quality materials and elegant colors are its calling cards. Able to seamlessly integrate into a wide range of living spaces, the Cube stove is made from steel and outfitted with a ceramic or soapstone front, and an aluminum black powder-coated black top and base. See the whole range of stoves, visit the MCZ website.



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