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Compact Pellet Stove with a Minimal Design by MCZ

Thema is a compact pellet-fuelled stove by Italian manufacturer MCZ. It is characterized my minimal, essential design, and yet it has a lot of character. Its almost cubic shape is softened by the roundness of the corners and by its tininess, which it look like out of a toy story. Color wise it comes in black coating with black, white or grey grid at the front. In any of these combinations it remains a neutral piece that has a nice visual impact, but without domination the interior it is set in. It is an element that can remain discreet and let other pieces take the main role in the room. Thanks to the minimalism of its design, this stove can be fitted in many interiors, from rustic to vintage or even contemporary styles. From a technological point of view it has nothing to envy of its biggest sisters. I can be controlled remotely in order to adjust the temperature or to program the on/off periods. The No-Air function allows it to work without forced ventilation, thus ensuring a maximum of silence and the diffusion of heat throughout the room by natural convection. The flame created by the burning pellets is wide and uniform, making Thema look like a great cube of fire!



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