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Decorative Pellet Stove by Buderus

Heat things up at home with this decorative pellet stove by Buderus. The furniture-like Stufa stove is a contemporary pellet stove designed for compact condos and urban homes, with small size and big style. This decorative stove hearth homes ranging from 40 to 200m2, using natural renewable fuels. This eco-friendly home-heating features Waterplus technology, and can be combines with other sustainable sources like solar thermal and photovoltaic energy, offering efficiency up to 95 per cent, while also scoring high on the style scale. The sleek structure features the warm feel and look of a real flame, set behind glass with ornamental steel screws. Available in Transparent blue, milk, black and white finishes, this pellet stove will warm your heart, and your home. For more information visit Buderus.



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