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Modern Fireplace Designs from Cera Design – new Domino fireplace & more

Modern fireplaces from Cera Design add a warm and inviting center of attention to any room. Gorgeous contemporary fireplaces are plentiful amongst the collection – the new Domino oven (pictured above) being one of the many noteworthy examples. The Domino, although small in stature, is powerful – just 2kg of wood can heat a 130 cubic metre room. The quirky style resembles a domino, adding instant, playful appeal. Available in silver, iron grey or matt black varnish, it is easy to think of a chilly corner of the home that this cute modern fireplace would be just perfect for. Cera Design is a company concerned about the environmental impact of home heating, and this is reflected in their natural wood-burning fireplaces. As they state on their website, wood burning is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to bring crackling warmth to your home… and, the resulting white or light gray ash is of high enough quality that it can even be used on your garden as compost. Contact Cera Design for more information.


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