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10 Modern Bedroom Ideas For Couples

Whether you have lived with your partner for years or you have recently moved in together, creating the perfect space where both of you feel welcomed can be tricky. Not only because everyone is different but because concluding what the bedroom should feel and look like can be challenging. The key to not killing each other over bedroom decor is finding a style you both like and running with it. Here are modern bedroom decorating ideas that are perfect for couples that want an upgrade from the traditional aesthetic.

Couples Retreat

If you truly want to get that resort vibe bring in a sea blue hue and let that be the statement the room needs.

Regardless if you work from home or go to the office every day, everyone wants their bedroom to feel like a retreat. It should feel like the one space in your home you can go and relax the night away. To do such a thing there are key pieces you want to have- a shiplap wall is one of them. Having a shiplap wall is the perfect romantic touch to any room. It’s easy on the eye while feeling like every resort you have ever experienced in the Caribbean. Another aspect you want to keep in mind is having the room feel light and airy. The lighter it feels the less weighted the room will be. Using hues that are light will instantly open up the room in an effortless manner.

Modern Meets Midcentury

Take your decor to the next level by taking your black shade and bringing it in with bold texture.

Modern decor doesn’t need to be the single decorating style you have in your bedroom, you can mix and match without fear. It’s time to try modern meets midcentury and truly love it. The best way to do such a thing is by using a color block and working wood into it. We recommend going in with black. Black is bold and daring yet it’s still neutral. Bring in a black wall and make it the main focus of the room, while ensuring the rest of the room is prominently wood.

Bring in Nature

Whether you hang your plants or showcase them throughout the room, consider having as many as your room can handle.

If you feel as if your bedroom feels cluttered and less retreat-like it’s time to bring in nature. Many individuals forget how welcoming and relaxing having a few pieces of nature can feel. Furthermore, decluttering a room can instantly boost your mood. To bring in nature work with greenery and display it. Whether that is by bringing a large house plant into the corner of the room or keeping fresh flowers, you want to have that fresh touch.

Rustic Barnhouse

Give it your all by bringing in a wood wall and having it as your accent element.

Here at Trendir, we love rustic barn decor. It’s chic, it’s engaging, and it’s relaxing. It’s everything you want and need for a bedroom. Bring in weathered barn wood and have it displayed in the room. Take your weathered item and place it next to a modern piece and watch the room become instantly cozy with that modern touch

Have Two Accent Tables

Keep your tables on the open side to ensure you get the most out of the room, without overcrowding the space.

Let’s face it men and women have different decorating styles. Furthermore, they tend to clash most of the time. Keeping that in mind, consider the idea of having two small accent tables and allowing your partner to decide on their accent table. Doing so will not only encourage them to keep things organized but they will feel included in the decorating process.

Geometric Style

Put in a metallic twist to your geometric displaying to give your showcase a modern twist.

A decorating trend that is taking over seamlessly is geometric style. Having a geometric style doesn’t mean you must showcase it in every space of the room. What it means is you can select an area and add a touch or two of geometric patterns. Whether you do so by adding a colorful geometric display or you decide to it in a monochromatic display it is completely up to you and your decorating showcase.

Wallpaper Me, Please

The more intricate your wallpaper is the grander the statement it will make in the room. Think of it as the ultimate showcase.

When you want a quick upgrade to any room it’s time to consider bringing in wallpaper. Not just any wallpaper but one that you and your partner agree upon. You want to consider your partner when making your ultimate decision as it will help both of you feel more comfortable and involved. Bring a bold wallpaper and allow it to make the room feel twice as welcoming and engaging as ever before.

Blush Pink & Grey

If you want to take your pink and grey decor to the next level consider bringing in a light fixture that is of the same color palette.

If you truly want to blend a feminine and masculine showcase to the room, contemplate working with two hues that are easy on the eye while still being viable for both genders. That is where blush pink and grey will come in handy. Two beautiful hues that work well together and apart. You want to blend both shades seamlessly without having too much of either or.

Simple & Minimal

Keeping it minimal doesn’t mean being boring, it simply means you go easy on the decor.

Most women see decorating as a new adventure something they can do and embrace their imagination or Martha Steuart’s way. But others tend to take decorating any room as a chore. If you’re right in-between of both having a simple and minimal decorating style is the way to go. Declutter the room, keep it simple, and only add minimal accent pieces that brighten the room seamlessly. Consider bringing in a light fixture that will instantly overtake the room.

Large Light Fixture

The larger your fixture the bolder your display will be. While making the room feel grand and come to life.

Okay, okay let’s say your master bedroom is almost complete. You and your partner are both content with what the room looks like but something is missing, you just can’t figure out what it is. We have the answer- a large light fixture. There is nothing that makes any room come to life quite like a large light fixture so it only makes sense to add one and instantly breathe fresh air.

Which of these ideas will you be taking into consideration share with us your thoughts below.


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