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Mix and Match Interior Decorating – trendy new style

This living room space is a great example of the trendy new style of mix and match interior decorating. Maybe a result of our decreasing attention spans in our fast paced modern world, or an intrinsic desire to try everything once, or our need to want it all and therefore unable to make up our minds … whatever the reason for this emerging trend, all we know is that it’s pretty cool. It allows for versatility and visual interest in a space that is not possible with a uniform look. It puts eclectic expression and personal tastes in the front seat. Notice the different patterns and colors for each low seating section, or the dining chairs, that although are all white, are different from each other in style. However, it seems that mixing and matching shapes, colors, textures and patterns is best done on a neutral backdrop – this way you are sure to avoid a confused space. Take a look at our previous post about personalizing a kitchen with your favorite decor objects and you’ll see the concept applies there as well.
Image via Contemporist by Luuk Kramer Fotografie.



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