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Minimalist Wood Furniture – Minimalist Chair ‘Leaf’ by ilio

With a name like “Leaf” you expect a look that’s simple, natural and organic, and that’s exactly what you get with this minimalist wood furniture collection. Designed for ilio by Mehtap Obuz of Demirden Design, this minimalist chair is both aesthetically and functionally flexible, featuring organic curves and a nesting design which offers the versatility to double as a seat and a table. Put your creativity to work and maximize your style potential with these interesting furniture designs. Made of oak and walnut with a natural finish, these wood seats will blend with your existing decor while standing out for their unusual shape and function. The Leaf chairs measure 45x50x36cm and 55x50x50cm, making them an ideal addition to small and large spaces alike. Check out this modern wood furniture at ilio.



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